What Is Martha Stewart’s Favorite Dessert

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From easy-to-eat cake and soft-serve-inspired cupcakes to perfect coffee scones, these delicious cake recipes from Martha’s latest cookbook are a good reason to celebrate.

What Is Martha Stewart’s Favorite Dessert

What Is Martha Stewart's Favorite Dessert

Inspiring and delicious. This is Martha Stewart’s authoritative guide, with over 100 tiers and recipes for cakes, pastry and buttercream, cakes and chiffons. Teaching and inspiring at her best, Marta unlocks even the most unique creations with her guidance and tricks for great cakes. Consider it your new guide to all things cake.

Martha Stewart’s Lemon Mousse Cake Recipe

Here we share six delicious recipes from the book. There’s a light and irresistible cardamom and cinnamon flavored snack cake that’s perfect for any time of the day. A bare fruit chiffon cake is the perfect treat for a special dinner party, birthday or anniversary – it looks great, but it’s easy to put together because there’s no fuss. A simple cream filling sandwich the layers, and a tangle of fall fruit decorates the top.

Of course, we also share the best desserts, recipes at Martha’s level. If that’s something you’re curious about, try these soft peanut butter cupcakes that are frosted on top and then dipped in chocolate icing. There is also a Coffee Feather Cake decorated with white, milk, dark chocolate and cafe au lait chocolate “feathers”. It really is perfection.

, will be published on October 13, 2020 by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.

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Layer a light chiffon cake with lightly sweetened cream and a few fresh fruits are enough to create a Roman banquet dessert. It is topped with a warm berry sauce made from blackberries, sugar and lemon juice; then halved figs, plums, and Seckel pears, along with Concord grapes and other black berries, complete the stunning still life.

The ruby ​​finish on this beauty comes from thinly sliced ​​ripe plums that caramelize on the bottom of a pan with brown sugar and butter. Place the rounds firmly in the pan (they will shrink in the oven as they bake), then top with a light, vanilla-scented batter and bake until the cake is springy again when pressed. Give it 20 minutes and it’s ready to open.

Flakes of aromatic cinnamon and cardamom liven up this light cake for any time of day. While the batter is baking, whisk in the confectioners’ sugar, skim milk, and lemon zest and juice, along with the scraped vanilla bean pods, to enhance the warmth. Spread it to the corners of the pan with an offset spatula and let it soak for 30 minutes before declaring it all covered.

What Is Martha Stewart's Favorite Dessert

Coffee infuses these raised layers of pastry (separated by the mascarpone filling) and its creamy crust. For the bird accent, melt the white, milk and dark chocolates, then mix a spoonful of milk chocolate into half of the white chocolate to create the fourth, café-au-lait color. Form holes in the pan, harden them in the fridge and press them to the sides in an ombre pattern that goes up, up and away.

Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Pudding

A puree of bourbon and plump medjool dates fills this divinely powerful dessert; it becomes both the batter and the caramel glaze. Bittersweet chocolate (look for 70 percent cacao), Dutch cocoa powder, and ground cinnamon also balance out the flourless base. Sieve the caramel until it’s very silky, then pour it over using an offset spatula to smooth it around the edges. Sprinkle the crust with sea salt and whipped cream.

Everyone is clamoring for this twist on a soft treat dipped in a chocolate shell. To decorate these cupcake flourishes, divide the buttercream in half, mix the peanut butter cream and a pinch of kosher salt into the halves, then pipe them into separate pastry bags. Trim the ends, place both in another pastry bag, and gently squeeze as you make two-inch-high swirls. Let the frosted cakes cool while you make the semi-sweet chocolate glaze; wet them thoroughly after they have cooled to room temperature. Chill for another 10 minutes and focus on the nostalgia trip. I hope you’ve pre-ordered my newest book, Martha Stewart’s Cake Excellence: 100+ Recipes for Sweet Classics From Simple to Extraordinary by Clarkson Potter. If not, you can do it right now – click on the highlighted link.

I’m so excited about this book – it contains 125 delicious cake recipes for all occasions, unique flavors, must-make designs and my favorite and most trusted baking techniques. In this guide, I feature cakes and tarts, batters and buttercreams, cakes and chiffons – from everyday favorites to stunning showpieces, plus a whole chapter on cupcakes!

I know you will love this book as much as I do. Enjoy these photos and be sure to pre-order your copy today! In bookstores on October 13!

Martha Stewart Living’ Will Cease Print Publication

This is my 97th book. I assure you, you will want to make every one of the Cake Perfect cakes. We have worked hard to make this book stand out from other books. It’s full of great photos, great ideas and useful baking techniques for making beautiful and delicious cakes. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

This is our mouth-watering, Mile-High Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake. This one is for chocolate lovers – it’s made with rich salted caramel, layers of chocolate cake and dark chocolate frosting. (Photo by Johnny Miller)

This pistachio cardamom bundt cake can be made any day of the week – fragrant and aromatic, this cake is decorated with Sicilian pistachios and dried rose petals. And in my book, I offer the easiest solution to getting a bundt pan in one piece. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

What Is Martha Stewart's Favorite Dessert

Our berry layer cake is hard to resist – check out the gorgeous deep colors of blueberry, black raspberry, blackberry and various shades of burgundy frosting. This recipe adds fresh fruit and sweet black raspberry jam to the batter in a meringue butter. (Photo by Mike Crowther)

Best Of Martha Stewart Living: Desserts

Also in this book are Orange Curd Cupcakes. These cupcakes are filled with delicious citrus flavor. They are made using a pastry shell, curd filling and fresh fruit slices on top. (Photo by Mike Crowther)

Here’s another fruity dessert – our Nectarine Skillet Cake. Very easy to make and fruit nectarine slices formed in concentric circles look like beautiful rose petals. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

This book is divided by type of chocolate zucchini cake in the cake section. This is a delicious moist cake that can be made in advance. To make it even more special – use zucchini sugar flowers to decorate the top. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

Our sprinkle cake is our favorite cake in the party cake section. No birthday party should be complete without one – three layers of cake and homemade “confetti” sprinkled inside and out. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

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Yes, this fancy strawberry ombre cake with rose gold leaf is in my book. It is made with five different shades of vanilla cake, then covered with strawberry jam and buttercream. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

These chocolate candies are a fun treat for any occasion. They combine stout beer with the popular salty snack – pretzels and topped with heavy cream cheese butter. (Photo by Lennart Weibull)

I call it faux rock cake. It completes the Show Cakes chapter with its gorgeous icing in various shades of blue. My special tip is to let the cake cool for at least two hours before glazing to help the pattern set. So pre-order your copy of Martha Stewart’s Perfect Cake: 100+ Recipes for Sweet Classics From Simple to Amazing right now. You can pre-order multiple times to get started on your holiday gift list. This book is a must for anyone who loves to bake and eat delicious and beautiful cakes at home. You will use it again and again! (Photo by Lennart Weibull) Lemon and meringue make one of the great culinary duos of all time. Here they are prepared for a light cake. A swiss meringue frosting is poured and then fried to a golden hue to show off her voluptuous curves. A large pile of raspberries on top seems to prevent the whole creature from floating away.

What Is Martha Stewart's Favorite Dessert

Make the cake: Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease two 9-inch round cake pans. Line with parchment; butter parchment. Grind the flour and remove the excess. In a small bowl, whisk together the milk, eggs, and vanilla seeds.

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Comfort Food A Satisfying

In a large bowl, beat the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt with an electric mixer on low speed until well combined. Gradually add and continue beating

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