What Is The Oldest Dessert In The World

What Is The Oldest Dessert In The World – Standing at the top of one of the tallest dunes on Earth, it felt as if the sand beneath our feet stretched into infinity. With its red dunes rolling endlessly into the sea, the Namib is the world’s oldest desert – a sea of ​​silica that runs along Namibia’s Atlantic coast.

In the local Nàmálanguage, Namib means “the place where there is nothing” – a description that seems to ring true in this sandy expanse that comprises 15 percent of Namibia’s driest and most inhospitable areas. But this place is far from lifeless. Home to an incredible number of desert-adapted wildlife, the Namib Desert is an extraordinary place to explore by air, on foot, and on horseback.

What Is The Oldest Dessert In The World

What Is The Oldest Dessert In The World

A horseshoe of huge red dunes at Sossusvlei—a sun-baked clay pan, or vlei—pulled us into the central Namib to climb the sandy peaks, some of which reach more than 300 meters into the desert.

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Early in the morning we climbed to the top of a nearby dune called Big Daddy as the sunrise cast a golden glow over the desert and the orange dunes contrasted sharply with the cloudless blue sky. Impossibly steep slopes made it a struggle to reach the top, but the views from the top of the dune were spectacular and well worth the arduous climb.

Charging across the rocky plains of the Namib Naukluft National Park on horseback was an amazing way to see the desert. From the stables of the Desert Homestead, we rode through a wide valley enclosed by the mountains of Nubib, Tsaris and Naukluft, with distant views of the red dunes rising to Sossusvlei. The rugged mountains rose majestically above the flat valley and cast long shadows over the swaying grass as we passed herds of desert-dwelling springbok and listened to the howling of the brown wolf.

Stiff and sore from the saddle at the end of the day, and looking forward to a hot bucket shower and a hearty meal, we slipped on our horses just as the valley was turning pink and the first evening star hung over the hills. Our tents are pitched on the side of a rocky mountain, with a fire burning and dinner laid out on the sand. As night fell, the Milky Way stretched from horizon to horizon, casting a blanket of desert stars over our heads. Putting aside our fear of snakes and scorpions, we pulled out our camp beds from the safety of our tents and slept under the sparkling Namibian sky.

Surfing over a sea of ​​sand gave us an eagle’s eye view of the rolling red dunes of the Namib. The desert seems endless from the air with its amazing patterns created by the ever-changing sand dunes. From the seaside town of Swakopmund, our two-hour Scenic Air flight took us over the star-shaped dunes that surround Sossusvlei, formed over millions of years by winds from all directions. We flew over disused diamond camps and back along the desolate coast, where shipwrecks slowly crumbled in the sand and Cape sea sheep gathered in their hundreds on the deserted shore.

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Despite its emptiness, the Namib desert has an incredible beauty that immediately captures the imagination. Made up of over 6.5 million hectares of dunes and rocky plains, the Namib is full of contrasts, but none as shocking as the sparkling white pans set against the bright orange dunes of Sossusvlei. Lying on the spectacular coastline of the driest country south of the Sahara, the dune sea creates a sense of space and solitude unlike any other place on Earth.

Freelance photojournalist Marcus and Kate Westberg cover travel and conservation topics for Intelligent Travel, News Watch and other publications. See more of their work on their website, Life Through the Lens, and their Facebook page. Well-written historical books detailing early cooking in North America often include the very important role of indigenous peoples in helping new settlers learn about New World cuisine. What is interesting is the marriage of cultures and the resulting dishes.

American Food – A Gastronomic Story by Evan Jones tells of the first inclusion of corn and beans in the diet of the pilgrims. The natives taught the settlers how to grow beans, using long corn stalks as poles. An early dish taught to the settlers was msickquatash, a corn/bean dish eaten by the Indians, (although the use of the Indian word is currently considered derogatory in Canada, it was used in the writing of this book and is still widely used in the U.S.)

What Is The Oldest Dessert In The World

The first American Thanksgiving dinner is believed to have taken place in 1621, and included venison, roast duck and roast goose, clams eels, wheat and cornbread, leeks, watercress, wild plums, homemade wine. Not a turkey or pumpkin pie in sight. Settlers from Britain in the New World used corn and incorporated it into their cooking.

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Indian pudding is a very old dish and is featured in old cookbooks. It shows the use of corn (in the form of cornmeal, ) to make what was considered a sweet dessert often served at Thanksgiving. Fort George Bill of Fare includes a receipt taken from The Pocumtuc Housewife: a Guide to Domestic Cookery By: Several Ladies 1805

Fast forward two hundred years. I baked a traditional Indian Pudding using modern corn meal, molasses and a gas oven instead of an open fire. When I tasted the pudding, it tasted a little too sweet for my liking but I topped it with molasses and whipped cream and it tasted like a fine, rich custard.

Pour the milk over the crackers and let stand until cool; add sugar, lightly beaten eggs, nutmeg, salt, and butter; parboil dried until light, by cooking in boiling water to cover; seeds, and add to the mixture; turn into a buttered pudding dish and bake slowly for two and a half hours, stirring after the first half hour to prevent the raisins from sticking; serve with Brandy Sauce.

Fast forward 100 years. I baked Thanksgiving pudding 1 and found it to have an interesting flavor that was moist and had a lot of flavor from the raisins and the sauce.

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There is an appeal to adding a simple dessert to a feast to give thanks and to remember our roots and times when food was valued more because of the work that went into growing and preparing each dish. This was a time when the luxury of cooking in the kitchen and the luxury of so many readily available ingredients were not a part of people’s lives. Ashure (Noah’s Pudding) is thought to be the oldest dessert in the world, which was first made by Noah after the mythic descent. on Mount Ararat. It’s a delightful mix of dried fruits, nuts, grains and beans (yes, beans!) made in Turkey and throughout the Middle East. Give it a try – you’ll be glad you did!

Ashure (Noah’s Pudding) recipe will follow after my little story. Before we get started,  be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, and click the subscribe button at the top of this page  to sign up for our email list so you don’t miss a post!

A large wooden ship is crossing the rough sea, and there is a lone man waiting. He is tired of the endless sea and sick of his smelly clothes. Seven months have passed since he left, and he has not seen a speck of earth or a bird on the wing. The man kicks his toe on one of the planks of the desk and faces East. She narrows her eyes – hazel eyes focused on her shifty face – and scans the horizon, just like she did every afternoon every day. He hears all of his 600 years on this day. His bones shudder and protest each time the ship’s front swells. He grabbed the train and braced himself and groaned at what he saw.

What Is The Oldest Dessert In The World

“I am too old for this evil.” He says, as a tired resignation settles over the aching pain in his ancient bones. “I should have retired centuries ago. He’s out there with a boat full of animals. It is lost. You are tired. He is hungry. Dry. Nothing but water, but not a bad drop to drink!”

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He bends down to pick up a small shell embedded in a plank, and his weak knees explode in protest. “GAH! Dammit!” He straightened up and threw the shell over the bow. As he watches it turn towards the wind-driven flood, he sees a spark in the distance.

“What…” He stumbles across the bow and up the rail. He sees a faint white light on the horizon, illuminated by the afternoon sun. “Holy lunatic!”

Dot decides for himself that it is the peak of a great mountain in the distance, the only land he has seen since his journey began and perhaps the only land left on this god forsaken planet.

A man runs around the deck like one of his two chickens in the basement. He checks this line and that. He

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