Which Cake Is Best For Marriage

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There are few things we appreciate more than a decadent wedding cake—both in taste and style. Dessert trends come and go, but nothing takes the place of a delicious cake that satisfies more than one of your senses. Our favorite type of wedding cake is the type that makes a statement by adding to your wedding decor.

Which Cake Is Best For Marriage

Which Cake Is Best For Marriage

Pastry chef Emily Lael Aumiller personally adores the marriage of a sophisticated aesthetic and a relaxed design. “Whether the cake is naturally glazed, decorated with fresh fruit, decorated with intricate sugar work or fresh, edible flowers, I strive to create a dessert that tells a story,” he explains.

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Emily Lael Aumiller is a pastry chef with over a decade of experience creating custom cakes with set ingredients that meet a wide variety of dietary needs. Aumiller is the owner and author of Brooklyn-based Lāel Cakes

For bohemians, we love delicate flower crowns, organically placed leafy vines, or anything with an earthy feel. If your style is more contemporary, a sleek, smooth finish with geometric details will always do the trick. If you are more of a classic bride, traditional white is not your only option; Hand-painted flowers, watercolors, and subtle ruffles all evoke a timeless touch. If your reception is outdoors, consider taking inspiration from your surroundings.

“It’s your wedding, your cake, your day,” says Aumiller. “Focus on the dream cake you’ll want to devour for your celebration. Let your baker determine which designs will be safest based on external circumstances.”

With that said, we’ve rounded up 55 beautiful wedding cake ideas that promise to do just that. Whatever your taste (literally and figuratively), we have a cake for every wedding style. Who is your favorite?

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Can a cake be too pretty to eat? These jaw-dropping floral illustrations are frame-worthy, but they’ll make an even bigger statement at any romantic women’s party or garden-themed affair.

Black wedding cakes don’t always have to be moody and brooding. This stunner gives a soft elegance with its painted floral tiers and accents of handmade sugar flowers in powder tones.

A matte white design is elevated with satin-finish petals and bursts of burnished tones. Fall tones are hinted at on the potato cake with candied pecan crunch and maple cream lurking underneath.

Which Cake Is Best For Marriage

This is refined fantasy in candy form. Pristine fondant white creates the perfect base for a gradient of blue and violet watercolor petals sweeping up the levels as if carried on a gentle summer breeze.

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Facial glam is the theme with this two-tiered delight. The top tier is coated in a pastel pink watercolor mix of frosting, while the bottom has many geometric stencils in a matte gold finish. Greenery adds a hint of welcome freshness.

Minimalism is not always strict. These simple white wedding cakes are elevated with scalloped texture and lattice, and accented with pops of fresh flowers.

Two worlds collide as the organic and comforting nature of an almost bare chocolate cake is juxtaposed against a rich metallic gold base layer. A wreath of flowers in a mixture of dark red colors really fit, pastel demi, and vegetation perfectly combine the two aesthetics.

There is something incredibly chic about cramped decor. Three tiers of flawless white fondant, decorated with just two spears of blown leaves and one white bud. We love this vibe for a summer or tropical wedding.

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A refined take on rustic wedding cakes. The two-tiered cake features an embossed geometric print on the bottom and a bit of dried flowers for an earthy touch.

These boho details are called summer beach weddings or desert weddings. Piped macrame detailing nails the eclectic vibe while bold bougainvillea and sorbet-hued ranunculi add a vibrant flair.

This delicious trifecta of cakes is straight from a Renaissance still life. Buttery white pudding-textured cream garnished with fresh pomegranate, plums, and figs. “We created a wine dessert table for this upscale farmhouse wedding,” explains Aumiller. “With luxurious blue velvet under multiple cakes, tarts, donuts, and pies. Keep the decor fresh and balance the rustic environment.”

Which Cake Is Best For Marriage

This five-level wedding cake is a bloom of white flowers and gold sugar, trellising upwards in the layers. Inside, the cake features flavors of chocolate, salted caramel, and raspberry cream.

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Another breathtaking example of the beauty of restrained elegance. A single metallic band with stems of powder blush flowers embedded in its layers is all this wedding cake needs to shine.

A swag of citrus-colored florals and tiny kumquats completely transforms this simple two-tiered cake into a ray of sunshine. Fair warning, your guests may need reassurance that these hyperrealistic flowers are entirely edible.

Countrified, but made it oh-so refined. This three-level, semi-naked wedding cake allows the spongy base to look at the frosted layer while blush flowers and eucalyptus finish the tender look.

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than this. Three levels of white fondant brushed with metallic gold and one whole level of textured goodness, gilded all wrapped in a cool swag of pastel flowers and greenery.

Wedding Cake Topper The Best Is Yet To Come Acrylic

This three-level masterpiece in the ocean blue brush has us picking our jaws off the floor. The rich base is skillfully accented with shiny metallic trim and a bouquet of sunshine-hued blooms.

“Monochrome designs create a unique form of sculpture,” explains Aumiller. “We hand sculpt varieties of sugar orchids and layer them in a romantic, abstract spread.”

Something about ruffled buttercream always makes us smile. This wedding cake wonder has five layers of ruffles all swept up in a cradle of crawling vegetation and buds. It’s all fair

Which Cake Is Best For Marriage

Peach and apricot tones are oh-so sweet for balmy summer celebrations or spring parties. This peach-flecked glaze has a slightly nude effect and is topped with soft roses in matching tones, halo of rosemary, and a touch of eucalyptus. Just imagine how delicious it all smells.

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White and gold, you never let us down. Four levels of flawlessly smooth fondant, a brush of shiny gold leaf, and an asymmetrical swag of creamy sugar flowers—what more could we ask for?

Enjoy this two-level ink with a base of fondant geometric relief and it is practically growing muscari buds, berries, and vegetation. This natural and fresh aesthetic just screams of spring.

Eggshell is a rarely seen color in the bridal sphere as its more balanced white counterparts usually take precedence. This beauty makes a serious case for the shadow neglected with the addition of an ensemble of dusty wild flowers that listens back to that luscious, deep summer haze. “Mixing fondant with organic, fresh decorations makes a unique pairing,” explains Aumiller. “Organic branches against clean lines make the move to nature decor really pop.”

) hand-punched, edible sequins all individually hand-set. “We felt bad about this masterpiece, but after we tasted the cake, it was totally worth it,” bride Diana explained. The layers consisted of vanilla cake filled with caramel-praline cream and an orange blood cake filled with olive oil.

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A lavender base level rises to a smooth upper level with a splash of gold leaf and the slightest hint of cake peeking through. Enjoy the delightful finish with accents of fresh lavender, golden leaves, and pastel blooms.

This fondant is in a light blue watercolor gradient so fluid it appears to be forever in motion. The fascinating flow is accented with shiny metallic edge trim.

This four-tier wedding cake has an alluring glow of perfectly smooth, satin-finished fondant. A crescent-shaped swag in autumn-hued, dusty mauve and brooding crimsons completes the most divine fall or winter wedding confection.

Which Cake Is Best For Marriage

“The cost is affected by how complicated your design can be,” explains Aumiller. “Talk to your cake designer about the offerings ranging from fresh sugar decorations to fondant finished icing.”

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It doesn’t get sweeter than an illustrated allover citrus print. Topped with orange and accented with rose spray in the same color scheme, this darling dessert is the epitome of summer.

These four levels of beautiful ruffles were inspired by peony petals, and executed in absolute perfection. What is equally impressive? Layers of Salted Caramel, Almond Cream, and Espresso Butter Cream Almond and Rose Cake, Raspberry Vanilla Bean Cake, Hibiscus Curd, and Swiss Butter Meringue.

This two-tiered wedding cake is anchored with a crescendo of blue and green watercolor strokes softened by veins of metallic gold. Frilly scabiosa bonnets add a pop of pink to the vibe.

A spray of painted watercolor flowers is topped with a wreath of three-dimensional counterparts. We like the slightly asymmetrical balance between the two levels, adding a little edge to the otherwise romantic scene.

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Simplicity is key. This two-tiered, white wedding cake needs little more than an apricot-hued rose garden or sprigs of green berries tucked in here and there.

This three-tier wedding cake packs a serious visual punch. Crispy layers surround a semi-naked chocolate layer filled with moody flowers evoking autumn and winter drama.

We have seen many roses and peonies, but these sugar anemones have a

Which Cake Is Best For Marriage

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